New BUSINESS and LIFE publishing series a joint project 
of a prestigious magazine Tygrysy Biznesu 
and Anagram Publishing House
two dynamic Polish companies.

What is the purpose of our project? 

Promoting and presenting stories of interesting people, which are not only a record of professional and life paths of the main characters, but above all, they have an educational role and serve as a signpost for others. They show that there is a way out of every situation, even the most difficult one, and that it is worth fighting for ourselves. Books that inspire, motivate to action and change.

Let the book be your showcase!

For whom is our offer?

For everyone who wants to share their unique life and business history. Everyone has an interesting story to tell because of different professional and life experiences, different interests and passions.

This is why, whatever you create, whatever you are interested in, whatever you do, whatever you have experienced or lived through – make your dream come true and publish with us a book you have always thought about, dreamed of. We will take care of the entire publishing process, distribution and promotion.

Become an author of your own book.

We work on the book at every stage. We aid with writing, editing, proofreading, design, graphics, and all promotional activities. Everything according to your expectations.

We approach everyone individually. The book is supposed to be your showcase, so you will have the right to decide on its final shape at every stage of work.